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Hiya guys,

I do not know how to make a blog and I do not know how to upload documents online. So… it took me around more than an hour to figure it out. Am I slow or what? Hehe. I decide that since I have nothing better to do, I will try to upload my documents online for you guys to see and comment without me having to e-mail it. I am sick of that. ^^;; Sorries!

The first document I am going to test run is the first chapter of Spirits. Here is the url: Spirits Chapter I

Anyways, I am currently working on the following projects if anyone is interested: Sweet Hearts Part II Chapter 6, ideas for Perfect Husband Chapter 2 and 3, Miss Governess outline, James/Duke one-shot, Sweet Hearts Extra II (Francis and Melissa), Hohiho Episodes, and rewriting Spirits New Era Chapter 1. Don’t ask me how I manage. I do somehow.