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Hiya peeps,

After I went to the anime expo yesterday, I went home and ate dinner and went straight to bed. Woke up at 11 am this morning. 15 hour sleep ftw~ I feel so hyper and happy right now. I bought this smexy Light poster but I am still not sure what to do with it. XD And I bought this awesome book on Code Geass. My current obsessions are all at the Anime Expo: Code Geass, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, etc are all there. The highlight of my trip was when I saw that actually people who cosplay as the Ouran Host Club were sitting at tables entertaining girls! Too bad I didn’t want to stand in line to be with my love- the Twins! ^.^ I also bought a bookmark with… *throws confetti* GUY from Tales of the Abyss. I love Guy. My love for life. XD Next to Zelos of course.

OMGGGGGGGG- THE REAL NEWS: the two latest chapters of Ouran Host Club! DO NOT READ if you don’t want SPOILERS. We all know Hikaru likes Haruhi but to ask her out when he has NO chance of being with her since she found out her feelings for Tamaki?! Man! The disaster. I feel sooo bad for Hikaru to have to hear the “I can’t go out with you!” from Haruhi. That must hurt. Still, despite this, the Hikaru/Haruhi pairing is still alive. I mean in Lovely Complex, Ootani rejects Koizumi twice and in th end, they are bf/gf! There is hope for Hikaru! But… the power of Tamaki/Haruhi is too strong! I am not sure how Hikaru can win Haruhi in the end if Tamaki fully realizes his requited feelings for her. What a triangle. I am a sucker for Tamaki and Haruhi but I want to see how far the Hikaru will go for Haruhi. This is so exciting. XD I can’t wait to read the next chapter of Ouran. I am still waiting for the next one of Nana, Vampire Knight, Lovely Complex, and Bitter Virgin.

For those of you who haven’t watched or read Lovely Complex, try it out. 🙂

As usual, my updates: I will be done with Sweet Hearts Chapter 7 of Part II by today or this weekend. I am going to retype chapter 8 and 9 of Spirits I if I can. As for the Francis/Melissa chapter, I will work on that too if I have free time. Look froward to that. ^^

Most Importantly, old chapters of Sweet Heart are in the pages above the posts. Right after the “Home” and “About”. This is for those who are not caught up yet. ^^;; Enjoy!