To Sweet Heart readers:

Chapter 27 is done! That means… I am halfway through the story. Does that mean it will take another 7 months to finish this story? I hope so! I don’t want to leave it unfinished. Gracie, Hien’s brother already appeared once in Part I. He will appear again in the next chapter! Koala, you will love my ending note for this chapter and… I am starting to like Claire a lot too. ^^

QUICK EDIT: It is 5 years after KT’s timeline. Not 4 years anymore. You guys will know what I mean after you read the ending notes. 🙂

Now for the real reason for this post… CODE GEASS R2 EPISODE 14 THOUGHTS. This is not spoiling since every time I talk about Code Geass, I talk about this: I HATE Suzaku… with a passion. And thanks to Episode 14, I hate him more than I ever hated him before. Why? Here is the spoiler——–>>> He is planning to use refrain on Kallen to make her confess! My third favorite character! Hopefully not rape at the same time. *rolls eyes* He needs to die by the end of the anime or at least turn over to Lelouch’s side for me to stop my hatred on him. 🙂 Freaking Suzaku. That righteous bastard. 

Moving on from Suzaku, CC is so wonderful in this episode. Thanks to this episode, I am reminded why I like her with Lulu in the first place. They are partners. They work together no matter what. She is willing to stay by his side and help him whenever possible. Even blowing up a research place where she used to be in charge of. That is love right there. XD At least… partnership love thing. ^^;;

Besides these thoughts, the rest of the episode is pretty much a mess. So many things happen at once. It was fun to watch but confusing at the same time. It reminds me of that one chapter of New Era where Rogelio captures all the nobles and puts the blame on Roseanna. That was a hectic chapter to write. ^^;;