Hiya guys,

The first half of this post is regarding Code Geass R2 Episode 15. I have officially named this episode my favorite for the second season… so far. By a long shot. Why? Because first of all, it is CC-centric. Second of all, the viewers get to see Lelouch’s soft, caring, and heroic side. What a character! One episode, he is massacring innocent people and next episode, he is giving up immortality and power for CC?! Third reason- I don’t hate Suzaku as much anymore! Sure, I still hate him but not BURN IN HELL hate. Last reason- I am close to tears. It’s all because of one episode so it must be amazing as @#*$(#(#.

The following are SPOILERS. Do not read unless you want to be spoiled to death. I am serious this time. >>>>> Here is a list of what happen that totally twists everything around and with 11 episodes left to go:

1) The Emperor is immortal. Woot. We can’t kill him with a gun anymore! Fun fun fun!

2) CC’s wish… is to die. I saw that one coming from a mile away. The Emperor is going to grant her this wish… he is going to become more powerful? Did VV… die?

3) CC was once… human?! More than that, she was once a geass user. Her ability was for everyone to love her… and it saddened her because she couldn’t tell if they love her for realz or because of the Geass… how sad… then… the woman who gave her the Geass used her as a tool to kill herself…

4) CC loves Lelouch. That is why she doesn’t force Lelouch to kill her and take her immortality away. Lelouch finally realizes this and calls out for her. He tells her something (how convienient that we can’t hear it) and she changes her wish at the last minute. She doesn’t die!

5) Suzaku didn’t really use refrain on Kallen. She slapped him. He punched her. Wow. What a lovely pairing for those Kallen/Suzaku shippers. Anyways, I stopped hating Suzaku… for now.

6) Nina created a bomb. Oh joy! Oh boy! I hate her more!

7) CC woke up. Apparently, after Lelouch bombed that Sword place, he and CC returned back to where they were. CC lost her memories. She reverted back to a ten-year-old slave girl who could only count up to 10. What a conclusion! Oh my god! CC being… cute?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

8 ) Nunnally told that woman off for trying to fool her. I love her lie detector! So cute. My respect for Nunnally went up by like 50%.

My theory: The reason why CC is back to being 10 is because her last wish is to be loved, therefore she goes back to that time period in her life in the ancient days when she wants it so badly that she is willing to make a contract for it. Now, she is not immortal anymore. Lelouch probably loses his geass. That means… my beautiful shipping of CC and Lelouch might happen after all! I am happy enough to know that CC loves him! I don’t care if it ends with Kallen/Lelouch anymore! CC LOVES HIMMMMM *dances* I have a really good love detector. It must be from all those stories I write. ^^;; Okay okay… maybe she didn’t really say she “loves” him but it’s implied right? Or is it just… Lelouch is a really important person to her… period. Sigh.

Now, on to Sweet Heart, apparently from talking to another friend of mine, there are a lot more shippings than I thought for my own story. How are you guys able to gather so much shippings from a cast of like 30 characters? Oh wait. I answered my own question didn’t I? I’ll post your list my friend. 🙂

Canon pairings that won’t be changed: Rene/Rosa, Rai/Megami, Pamela/Money (joking Minnie!); Canon pairings that might change: KT/Lani (I hope will change!), Kevin/Jamie, and Jason/Pamela

Theresa’s choices (list from most likely to no chance of happening): KT, Carey, Jory, Jason, Jermaine, Quinn, Francis, Kevin, Alex, Victor (My thoughts: Really? Quinn before Francis? Lmao. And why are Alex and Victor there?! People and incest I swear. Is Jory that important?)

KT’s choices (list from most likely to no chance of happening): Theresa, Lani, Hien, Jamie, Pamela, Melissa, Quinn, Michie, Jenny, Claire (My thoughts: Why are all three of his sisters before Claire?! Why is Quinn rank lower than Melissa? Lmao.)

Carey’s choices (list from most likely to no chance of happening): Theresa, Hien, Pamela, Melissa, Quinn (My thoughts: At least you left incest out of this one. ^^;; I am glad you think Carey is such an important character. Also, why Quinn?)

Other shippings that are likely to happen besides canon: Francis/Melissa, Nick/Melissa (if this happens, you’re dead), Alex/Hien, Quinn/random boyfriend, Quinn/Anna, John/Pamela (My thoughts: Hmmmmmm)

Other shippings that are less likely to happen: Jermaine/Hien, Jason/Claire, Quinn/Pamela, Quinn/Claire, Quinn/Jamie, Kevin/Pamela (if you make this pairing happen, I’ll be really happy), Alex/Melissa, Francis/any girl but Melissa  (My thoughts: That’s amusing. Some of those pairings are… wow.)

That’s my answer. ^_^ I hope the shippings you like. Wait. Which ones do you like exactly? o_O And what does everyone else think about these shippings? ^^