To Sweet Heart readers:

After a few delays, Chapter 28 is finished! I am so proud of myself. There are only 9 chapters of Theresa’s narration/Kevin and Jamie extra chapter, and the third narrator will be revealed! Hypothetically, if I stay on track, I can get it done in 3 weeks- the middle of August. However, I have a trip on the 2nd of August and a couple of errands to attend to so it will take 4-5 weeks.

My goal: to finish Part II by August 25th (my first day of college). That leaves me 35 days for 9 chapters. My goal for this week: Finish chapter 11, 12, and 13 by the 2nd of August (my trip). This is not likely going to happen but I can try. Chances are I will get 11 and 12 before the trip and type 13 during the trip.

Thank you for reading like always guys. Please comment. It motivates me. ^.^

To New Era Readers:

Here is an organized yet plain diagram of New Era to show the relationships between the characters. I will put one up for SH next chapter. Here it is:

 New Era Relationship Diagram