To Sweet Heart Readers:

Chapter 29 is done! This chapter was easy to write. It’s not necessarily my favorite chapter but it’s a nice middle chapter for Theresa’s narration. I have already decided on the third narrator. Anyone care to guess?

More on to Code Geass… again. I am not obsessed with the show! Really! I am posting this for anyone interested in Code Geass and the pairings I support: Lelouch/CC or CluClu (100%), Lelouch/Kallen or Kalulu (75%), Xingke/Tianzi (100%), Viletta/Ohgi (100%), Cornelia/Guilford (100%), Suzaku/Euphie (100%), Kanon/Schneizel (50%), Suzaku/himself (100% lmao), Rival/Millay (50%), Lloyd/Cecile (75%), Gino/Anya (50%), Gino/Kallen (75%), and others. My OTP of the bunch of is of course….

Lelouch/CC or CluClu! And no, Jen, this picture isn’t here to brainwash you. ^^;; It just happens to be my favorite drawing of CLAMP and it happens to be in the second ED. XD

I love most of the other obvious pairings. The one yaoi pairing I support is Kanon/Schneizel because I hate Kanon/Nina or Schneizel/Nina. 😛 And the one not-so-obvious pairing I support is Gino/Kallen. I think it’s kawaii. >//<;; But… it won’t happen. ;P And which pairing do I hate the most? Suzaku/Kallen! Please don’t pair those two up together. We don’t want poor Kallen to be with that bastard.

            -Minnie, an official Suzaku-hater. ^.^