To New Era Readers:

Chapter 31 done in two days… again! I almost certain that I will get chapter 32 and 33 done very soon. After Chapter 33, I might be a bit busy so it might take three days. Anyways, it doesn’t matter because I am way ahead of schedule! I want to write 18/19 or 36/37 so bad! Thank you for your support guys!

To Gracie: In reply to your editor comment, I’m pretty sure I can defend my case why I need that scene with Michie. That scene is more important than meets the eye! And it’s not because I want to set up for Honey Pie or suggest a possible Jenny/Kevin pairing either. *rolls eyes* The Pamela scene has been done in so many ways before but I don’t think they did it exactly like how I did it. And yes, I can already hear Teddy/Gev fans already. I mean… they are the only two main male characters in Honey Pie. XD I am hoping that I write it in such a way that there will be very few Michie/Teddy fans though. ^^;; For your prediction, it’s almost like all your predictions so far- you’re always half right. XD Lmao. How far are you in your story?   

Now, I am off to watch something and then start on Chapter 32/14. ^.^