To Sweet Heart Readers:

Chapter 32 done! I don’t know if everyone will be happy with the ending pairings but hopefully, I hope it won’t upset anyone too much. There is still some wriggle room for the ending pairings since there is a sequel. However, for the most part, I am pretty satisfied with the direction this story is going and how it will end. Thank you and now on to Code Geass R2! 

SPOILERS! Believe it or not, I went “eh?” too many times this episode of Code Geass R2 for comfort. However this picture makes up for every stupid thing that happened in this episode regarding the UFN:

Kallen... Please kill Suzaku with a knife next time!

Kallen... Please kill Suzaku with a knife next time!

The first thing that comes to mind is of course Kallen beating the crap out of Suzaku. I swear I am so happy with that Kallen and Suzaku confrontation that I will find a video of it on youtube or something and rewatch it a million times. I am not kidding! Down with Kallen/Suzaku pairing! Go Kallen/Gino! XD Come on. He did come to her after Round Knight Ten talk to her… (I am hopeless for pairings that will never happen!)

Second thing that comes to mind is of course… Helpless, shaking CC! The slave CC who is now calling Lelouch “master” and being all cute about it. She loves pizza too! ^.~ Man, I swear, if Sweet Heart becomes an anime some day, I want the people who make the animation to have Carey Melton shaking exactly like CC did in this episode! Man… now I am having funny images of Carey or Caramel shaking and hiding behind KT in an anime. That is too adorable for comfort! ^.^

Last thing that comes to mind is the Lelouch/CC/Suzaku scene at the end. When Lelouch smack that plate out of her hands, I want to kick him even if I love him. That is sooo mean to CC! But he made it up by bandaging her finger I guess… still… I can’t forgive him for that! Now, the interesting thing is the Suzaku/Lelouch friendship thingy with Nunnally at the end. I think the next episode between them will determine one thing for me- whether Suzaku will be a neutral character for me… or… he will become my least favorite character of all time! Well, next to Anzu from Yu-Gi-Oh of course. I can’t hate any character more than her. ^.^ That’s my thoughts for now! 

           -Minnie, a member of the anti-Suzaku fanclub.