To Sweet Heart Readers:

First of all, Gracie, which hair color would work with orange anyway? Red? *weird images of Alex and Theresa come to mind* Nevermind… this conversation is too weird. ^^;; Moe CC is <3.

Second of all, Apple, you requested this list so I’ll put it here for your enjoyment. Basically, it’s Pro Quinn/Theresa and why they support it:

Pro Quinn/Theresa (written by me after talking to some people):

1) A lot of the time, when Theresa thinks about something, Quinn’s name is mentioned somehow

2) Quinn is the first person Theresa is afraid of (she’s usually fearless)

3) Theresa is speechless around Quinn when she is usually talkative

4) Both Quinn and Theresa have feelings for KT (my own though: but that is why it causes conflicts…)

5) There’s a possibility Theresa misunderstands the whole situation and the person Quinn actually likes is Theresa, not KT

6) Theresa has the most 1-on-1 conversations with Quinn in Part II

7) Quinn is not afraid to touch Theresa (he has yet to show to touch Mel or any girl in such a manner)

8 ) Quinn has only shown his true self to Theresa; he literally becomes a stronger person around her

9) Both are artistic and emotional

10) Quinn is emotionally dependent and Theresa is emotionally independent (most of the time)

11) Quinn is not athletic and Theresa is athletic (my own thoughts: so is Mel)

12) Sexual… tension…?

13) It’s twisted and dark (my own thoughts: thanx Gracie ;P)

Go ahead Apple. I bet you can argue against almost all of them. Anyways, there’s a much longer list for the Caresa readers (pro Carey/Theresa) but I am too tired to write it up right now. If I feel like it, I will type it up later. Funny enough, a couple of my readers are pro Quinn/Theresa and a handful of male readers are Clairesa (Claire/Theresa) but the rest are pro Caresa. There are little to no (I think?) KTheresa fans.

As for the other major character, KT has been put with so many people… it’s not even funny. List includes: Hien, Jamie, Rai, Quinn, Francis, Melissa, Michie, Jermaine, Carey, Kevin, Lily, Claire, Pamela, Megami, etc. There are no KT/Jason, KT/Lani, KT/Jenny, KT/Alex, and KT/other minor characters fans. I guess I should be thankful that Jason, Lani, Jen, Alex, and others don’t join the KT harem. o_O Man… this better not happen to Gev or else I’ll be confused. >.<  

Though.. it’s amusing to see how many readers like Pamela and Kevin (Kevela?) together. It’s probably as popular as Carela (Carey/Pamela). Though, the Caresa fans outnumber both of them combined (half of the Caresa fans like Kevin/Pamela and dislike Carela anyways). I’ll give any Pamela pairing a thought (to be truthful, I am not sure how to end the story with Pamela yet…)

Oops. I rant too much. The chapter is right here: Chapter 34. Sorries. ^^;; And no Author Note this time! Too tired~