To Sweet Heart Readers:

Here is Chapter 35! I am way ahead of schedule. I should be able to finish the last two chapters by this weekend or Monday at the latest. This leaves me with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday left before I go on my hiking trip. I will probably finish and post Part III Chapter 1 up before I go so you guys don’t have to wait in anticipation to see who the last narrator is. I bet most of you will have guessed it by then. =) If not, I’ll be very upset. 

Anyways, during my hiking trip, I will most likely type up the following chapters but I might not be able to post them. I won’t be able to type one chapter every 2 days either because I’ll be very busy. My goal is to get 2 chapters by the end of my 6-day trip. If not, I can guaranteed one at least. Unfortunately though, I might not be able to finish Sweet Heart by the end of vacation. I’ll get to Chapter 7 of Part II at least. Sigh. I’m sad now. Oh well.