To Sweet Heart Readers:

Please, please read this before the chapter. XD It will help in a way I think. Anyways, this is the pro Carey/Theresa or Caresa List. My friend has officially called it Water Shipping. ^^;;

Pro Carey/Theresa or Water Shipping (written by me after talking to some people):

1) Theresa is the first girl Carey has had a real conversation to without trickery (so not including Pam)

2) Theresa is the first girl Carey has had a physical contact without shaking 

3) Theresa is probably Carey’s first crush

4) Theresa is the first girl Carey becomes mentally stronger with

5) Theresa and Carey is openly comfortable and honest with each other

6) Theresa and Carey have similarities and opposites

7) Theresa and Carey are both water signs (Cancer and Pisces- crab and fish); very compatable

8 ) Theresa is one of the main reasons why Carey pushes so hard to grow as a character

9) Theresa and Carey are too cute together for comfort- they support well together.

10) Theresa goes to Carey for comfort, support, etc.

11) Theresa chooses to trust Carey above all else in her friend group (except for Claire of course)

12) Theresa is forgetful/trusting so she needs someone understanding and selfless like Carey

13) All the Caresa scenes have been mutual- no hate involved.

14) Theresa finds Carey attractive; Carey finds Theresa attractive as well

15) Theresa is one of the few peope who call Carey ‘Carey’. Carey has previously mentioned that he hate it when people call him ‘Carey’ but he has no complaints when Theresa does it

Thanks a lot for the list guys (sorry that I cut a lot of stuff out since I don’t have time to write down everything) and here it is: Chapter 36! The first chapter of the two-part finale is here! I’ll stop ranting now. ^.^