Hiya Code Geass fans,

My review on Code Geass R2 Episode 17! Best screenshot of the ep:

It's been confirmed if it hasn't already... Lelouch fails at sports <3

It's been confirmed if it hasn't already... Lelouch fails at sports ❤

Moving on now- the highlights of this episode- please be aware once again that there are SPOILERS! The first highlight of the episode: Schneizel becoming more and more antagonistic. I can’t help but love him. I really can’t. Despite the fact that he send people after Suzaku to capture Lelouch, I can’t help but like Schneizel because he does everything with such a calmness and firmness that makes him the true turning point character- he will either be extremely important to Lelouch (I doubt this) or he will be the real opponent and not Charles. He will be the one to beat before Charles I bet. Also, I think it’s sweet that Schneizel is taking good care of Nunnally. 🙂 What a nice brother.

Second highlight of the episode: Guilford switches side! Wheee! Good job Lelouch. I might be the only one who did not see that coming but that move was brilliant. Now that Guilford thinks Lelouch is Cornelia all the time, he will be a pretty valuable ally in Lelouch’s plans. Now, if only Lelouch can have Kallen, Gino, and Anya over on his side again…

Third highlight of the episode: Gino’s meeting with Kallen. I might be biased since I am a Kallen/Gino supporter but come on, Gino is pretty nice to her at least. 🙂 This is the second meeting in a row that he shows such awesomeness to her? But yeah, I know the yaoi fangirls see more of the Gino/Suzaku pairing in this meeting. I have to agree though I believe it’s just a one-sided friendship love for GIno and Suzaku. This is what I am hoping by the frequency of these meetings: Kallen might be able to convince Gino to switch sides. It’s worth a try huh? The worse case would be if Kallen switches side for Gino. I DOUBT that. ^^;; That won’t happen. I really hope that Gino is the reason Kallen will be freed from that prison and that yellow dress!

Fourth highlight: Suzaku has his foot on top of Lelouch’s head. That is pretty wicked I say. XD I hate Suzaku to death but I must say, I feel less hatred for him in this episode. Think about it- if you look at it from Suzaku’s POV, Lelouch is really evil- he kills Euphie to further his ambition despite how wonderful Euphie was to Lelouch. Of course, this was because Suzaku doesn’t know the real truth behind the story. My respect increased slightly for Suzaku in this episode because he really does feel sorry for lying to Nunnally and didn’t really ambush Lelouch on purpose. But my respect for Lelouch in this episode fell in the first few minutes but skyrocketed right after. Lelouch accepts his sins. He wants to be punished… after everything he has done. Now, that is Lelouch! Unlike Light from Death Note, he has a heart. He has a weakness- softness for his friends and family. I really love Lelouch. ❤ I doubt he can be cold even if he says so. ^_~ There really is no hope for friendship between Suzaku and Lelouch anymore is there…

Last highlight: Why is Rollo rescuing Nunnally? WHY? WHY? WHY? If I were Lelouch, I would have switched Rollo and Orange. I mean.. at least Orange wants to sincerely save Nunnally, but Rollo? Wouldn’t Rollo kill her off? I’m scared especially after what he did to Shirley. Nunnally… I hope you will be alive by next episode… Oh, and hope that bomb Nina created isn’t going to be used by Suzaku. o_O If he uses it, I will hate him forever. 🙂

Only a couple of CC screenshots… I wonder if I am the only one who notice this but that bandage is on her ring finger… I mean I saw it last episode but didn’t Sunrise make it very obvious this episode? ^^;; I am such a hopeless CluClu fan. Chances of it happening are so low now thanx to this memory deal but oh well. If I have to sink with my shipping so be it!


P.S. Knight of Ten should die next episode. That will make me really happy. 🙂 Nina too! But I doubt it..