To Sweet Heart Readers:

Chapter 37 is finally here. I am sorry for finishing it so late. I’ve been quite sick yesterday and a bit busy today too. Stomache ache and everything. Anyways, please tell me in your comment who you think the next narrator will be. I’m interested to know. And lastly, if there is a Pamela pairing you like or if you like her alone, please tell me. I’m working on Pamela’s ending for Sweet Heart still. Thanks!

Now on to Honey and Clover! NO SPOILERS! I just finish this anime two days ago or so. It’s actually pretty slow at some parts… like the beginning and a bit at the end. The middle is quite interesting so I went through that pretty fast. I will probably watch the second season and the live-action drama soon. Anyways, it’s weird but I love all of the characters for the most part. There isn’t a character I hate or dislike. I don’t know if that’s good or not because if there is no character I dislike, that’s kind of boring. But what do you expect? Honey and Clover is a slice of life shoujo anime that deals with the stories around these five characters and their relationships with each other. How can you hate any of them when you know them inside and out? Hahaha. Here are two good pictures of the series:

Morita/Yamada and Takemoto/Hagu

Perfect! My two favorite pairings: Morita/Yamada and Takemoto/Hagu side by side ^^

Aww... Morita has his hand on Yamada's head.. >//<

Aww... Morita has his hand on Yamada's head.. >//<

 As you guys can tell, I’m a huge fan of Morita, the boy with the black hair, and Yamada, the girl with orange straight hair separately and together. My other favorite pairing is Takemoto, the boy with the silver hair, and Hagu, the short girl with curly hair. Why do I love Morita and Yamada so much even though they are not a hinted couple in the very least? Because Morita’s selfless friendship for Yamada is more powerful than any of the other romantic hints thrown around. How can you not feel for them when Morita walk Yamada home hand-in-hand after she cries over stupid Mayame (the boy with the glasses) again? Whenever Yamada is down, Morita is always there to comfort her. Plus, his friendship love for her is so pure.. he is not obsessed with her as he is around Hagu (his actual crush) and is selfless most of the time when it comes to her. It is one of those pairings that you know will never happen but if you are the writer, you will make it happen. XD

Anyways, if you are a lover of slice of life shoujo anime, by all means watch it! If you are into action, adventure, and shounen anime, don’t watch it. It will bore you to tears. Literally. Haha.