Hiya Sweet Heart Readers:

Chapter 38 is here. 🙂 There is not much to say except that the updates might be slow for the next few days since I am on vacation. It’s so hard to get internet connection here! Grr. Oh well. You guys can wait. ^.~

On to the real news: I still manage to watch episode 18 of Code Geass despite my vacation! Aren’t I a fanatic? SPOILERS AHEAD!!>>> Basically, episode 18 is full of action and more action. This is what all of us have been waiting for right? To see if Suzaku will use that bomb… if Rollo will kill Nunnally… if Anya’s past is revealed… if Kallen is freed by someone this time.

Let me get the last one off the list of questions. Kallen is freed… by Sayoko! ^.^ She is finally out of her stupid jail cell that doesn’t even look like a prison in the first place. Oh and did I mention she uses this new Knightmare that I think is a motified Guren thanks to Lloyd? Nice huh? Man, I wish Lloyd was on Zero’s side. That would be perfect! I love Lloyd. 🙂 Especially his line to Nina, that *****! Oh, and his short conversation with Cecile. That was classic.

Okay. I must say. Thanks to this episode, I hate Suzaku less. A lot less. He would rather die rather than use the bomb to kill thousands of innocent people. But of course, this wouldn’t be Code Geass if it were that easy and Suzaku was killed by Kallen six episodes from the end right? No, Suzaku didn’t die. But a hell lot of people did, including Guilford for sure. He pushed Lelouch out just in time, thinking he was Cornelia. As for Sayoko and Nunnally, they were in the light of the bomb. But did they die? I hope not. Nunnally is too awesome to die like that. 😦 And Sayoko too.

Okay… all you Rollo haters… have a good reason to hate him even more now. He wanted to kill Nunnally. >_> But he didn’t die this episode. Maybe the next one… or the one after… soon I hope! And so, I am sad to say that the characters we want dead- Rollo and Suzaku and Nina- didn’t die and people we don’t want dead- Guilford and Nunnally and Sayoko- may be dead. Sigh. This anime is depressing. If Lelouch dies in the end, I’m not going to be very happy. Speaking of Lelouch, his denial of Nunnally’s possible death is so realistic. *nods* I love you Lelouch. 😦

Oh, and Black Knights are probably going to rebel against Zero next episode. I think. Look forward to that. ^^ I also want more CC! It looks like she’ll be in the following episode. More of her please! And Kallen too! Gino/Kallen ftw! Wooting for a pairing that will never happen (though if it does, it can be very interesting). Down with Suzaku/Kallen. She wants to kill him and almost did. She can’t love him by the end… right?!