To Sweet Heart readers:

Chapter 39 is done! Sorry for those of you who are not used to the POV yet. It is very interesting to write Carey’s POV because his mindset is that of a girl but at the same time, he is also a romantic boy. And because I am a very romantic person (yeah right), I am enjoying this so far. Hehe.

Review on Nodame Cantabile (NO SPOILERS AHEAD):

Yes! It's about classical music!

Yes! It's about classical music!

There is not much to say except that I love the anime. More than the anime, I love Noda Megumi or Nodame for short. She is one of the most interesting heroines in a while. It’s like a breath of fresh air! It’s like reading Haruhi from Ouran Host Club all over again- the type of heroine that is so awesome that you want to watch the whole anime. Beside Nodame is the prodigy Shinichi Chiaki, who I must say comes out as very stereotypical in the beginning to a very lovable character even when he hits Nodame with pans. More than anything, most people who read or watch Nodame Cantabile can agree with me on one thing- Chiaki/Nodame is one of the most lovable pairings. I am very impressed with the interpretation of the music in the anime and the overall message. Anyways, in conclusion, Nodame Cantabile is a very funny, lovable anime. All shoujo comedy lovers should check it out. It’s short and worth the watch. I’m done now!