To Sweet Heart Readers,

Here is Chapter 40 completed. I am sad to say that with a busy schedule, it is least likely I will be done with Sweet Heart by the end of summer vacation. I am aiming for Chapter 10, Extra Chapter Part II, and Extra Chapter Part III finished before I go to college on the 25th. If I get more than that done, great. If not, chances are updates will be only on the weekend for Sweet Heart because of my new college life. Will I try to get Honey Pie done next? Maybe. Chances are I will return to New Era. Yay! I am also working on Luckless Chapter 2 so expect that later this week… maybe.

Anyways, onto my usual anime review thingy… a NANA chapter update! Did I mention that I’m pretty much a very obsessive fan when it comes to NANA? I literally check websites constantly for any news on updates or releases. Once I get the date, I will wait patiently for that date, look through the raws, and then read the translations once it’s out, usually before it’s even uploaded onto onemanga. NANA is my second favorite manga of all time- second to only Fruits Basket. If my story Honey Pie can even come to the emotional depth as NANA, I’ll be so happy. Anyways, enough ranting from me. On with Chapter 77:

SPOILERS>>> There is not a lot to say about this chapter. For one thing, it’s pretty slow. I wish the next chapter will move the pacing of the story faster. I am very worried about Ren at this point. Drugs, driving fast, his joke about dying before Satsuki or little Ren is born, and many others hint toward one thing- Ren’s death. I love tragedy. I wouldn’t mind if Ren end up dead. Really. But as a Ren fan, I really hope not! Nana/Ren is one of my favorite pairings of all time. Anyways, I kind of saw the whole Ren choosing Trapnest and Reira over Nana from last chapter so I wasn’t surprised that he would go for Reira before Nana. However, i feel like Reira has too many male choices. I mean… can it be more obvious she has a male harem?! XD Because I am a fan of Reira/Shin, I hope they get back together in the future and stop this mess Reira is creating for herself. She’s a selfish character but at least I see where she is coming from. Pretty much, the one thing I love so much from this chapter is Shion. She is such a mature and amazing character. 🙂 Oh, one last note, Yasu/Miu did it in bed. I’m like woahhhhhh. o_O XD Hehe. I love NANA. ^.^

   -Minnie, a NANA fan