To Sweet Heart Readers:

I am on track again with another update! Chapter 41 is here! Anyways, I will try to make room for more updates. I want to be done with this story already. I don’t know if everyone will agree on the ending but hopefully, no one will go after me with torches over it. Hehe.

Now, on to my thoughts on Ouran Host Club Chapter 63: SPOILERS LIKE ALWAYS>>> Can Tamaki be any more adorable and idiotic? He is really an awesome character, I have to say. I love him a lot. Look at this face!

King of the Ouran High School Host Club!

King of the Ouran High School Host Club!

Hahaha. Besides Tamaki, I like how determined Hikaru is too toward Haruhi. That’s also very cute. But as much as I like Hikaru, Tamaki and Haruhi is meant to be. I don’t think the mangaka is building up all the Tamaki/Haruhi moments for nothing. This chapter especially has such a cute and sweet Tamaki/Haruhi moment. Why won’t they get together already? >.> I like the ring Tamaki bought for Haruhi by the way. It’s so like him to buy her something like that! Haha. Anyways, these are my thoughts for now. 🙂