To Code Geass fans,

Like always, my daily review on Code Geass R2! Episode 19 is here! Like always, SPOILERS! The picture below pretty much summarizes the whole episode:

Symbolism is beautiful..

Symbolism is beautiful..

Anyways, I don’t like to summarize the entire episode because well, that’s boring. A lot of other blogs do that. I always state my opinion and thoughts first. This episode was very… overwhelming. I don’t think I was the only one who felt something when they played that song at the end for Rollo. Man, I must admit I dislike Rollo a lot but this was a well-deserved ending for him. It touched my cold, bitter heart. RIP Rollo. I hope all your haters will drop it now.

Moving on, Suzaku going… mad? Instead of Nina? WTH?! Hahah. I like it actually. From this point forward, Lelouch will stop his lies and grow into a worthy, pure-hearted character (I think) and Suzaku will stop his mindset of ‘I am the good guy around here’ and grow into a dark, powerful villain! Muahahaha. I love how these two keep switching roles all the time. It’s Brilliant! I am so interested in what Suzaku will do from now on. If he turns out to be dark and evil, I’ll love him! How ironic huh?

Another thought- Kalulu moment! Wow. Nice! I love it. Kallen is willing to die with Lelouch. How romantic. Haha. But to all the CluClu fans, why are you guys all giving up? This anime is not over yet, last time I check. Remember back when CC and Lelouch had that moment back in Episode 11 or so? All the Kalulu fans were giving up on their shipping. Now, look what happen? The CluCLu fans are giving up at this Kalulu moment. Shame on you guys! If you are a pure CluClu fan like I am, you won’t give up that easily! Heck, even if Lelouch ends up with Kallen in the end, I won’t drop my shipping. That’s how devoted I am. ^.~ But still, both pairings are awesome. XD Though I wouldn’t mind a Gino/Kallen… >bad Minnie<

That bastard Schneizel! I love him to death! Did you see how he was like “I might be Geassed right now too… that’s how scary it is…”. Also he told them about how Zero knew about the bomb but didn’t tell anybody and neglected to tell them he was the one who sponsored the bomb in the first place. He played the BK sooo well! So smoooth. Man. What an awesome character. Fans may hate Schneizel all they want but you have to admit he’s one of those characters you can’t help but go ‘wow’. He does everything with such style. Hahaha. I still support Schneizel/Kanon. 😛

As for Nina, she feels bad for what she has done. Still, I won’t forgive her. I’ll hate her forever! Millay is alive! Yay for the Millay/Rivalz moment! I want them together forever and ever. ^^ Chigusa and Ougi are finally together… I think? >confused on that one< Nunnally seems to be dead… but who knows? CC is the same as always. So cute. Even if she doesn’t become Lelouch’s queen, she’ll at least stick to being his maid. 🙂

Last notes- CC is in BK’s hands. Uh oh. Gino is being tied up?! WTH! NOO! I love you Gino. Gino and Anya have to join Lelouch already! And again, if I haven’t made this obvious already, Schneizel is FABULOUS! I’m a fan now. 🙂 Go Lelouch. You have a couple of episodes left to make this anime end awesomely! XD