To Sweet Heart readers,

I don’t know why it’s becoming more and more harder to type these chapters for Part III. Maybe it is because I am excited to move out into a new apartment. Maybe it is because Caramel’s narration is so complex. Or maybe because I don’t want this story to end. In any case, I think my writing is a bit sloppy for this chapter. Please forgive me. Here it is: Chapter 43!

On to Bitter Virgin from the image above- it’s a very safe, satisfying manga I would say. A very easy read too. Basically, it’s a story about a boy name Suwa Daisuke, who is sort of a player but the nice type, and a girl name Aikawa Hinako, who is afraid of men in general for unknown reasons. One day, Daisuke accidentally eavesdrops on Hinako’s confession to who-she-thought-was-a-priest-but-was-really-Daisuke that she has been raped by her stepfather, had an abortion, been raped again, gave birth to a child, and gave him up for an adoption.

It’s pretty dark when you first hear this I admit. But to be truthful, I find the story very beautiful, addicting, and enchanting, and not nearly as dark as it sounds. It doesn’t help that every chapter ends in a cliffy either. Even though I do not particular love either of the main characters or any of the other characters, the storyline is pretty nice and I recommend reading it while waiting for longer series to come out like NANA (cough). I am not saying the characters are awful. They are too normal for my taste. XD But at least, you can sympathize with them, especially Hinako. I don’t hate her at all and I usually do for characters like her. Anyways, read it if you have time. 🙂 I highly recommend it.