To Sweet Heart Readers:

The latest installment under the name of Chapter 44 is done (15 pages in one day…)! Like I said, I am aiming for Chapter 10 before I move into my apartment. Hopefully, I will succeed in this task! If not, you guys are getting slow updates… unless I don’t have a lot of college work of course. ^.^

Haruna and Yoh= <3

Haruna and Yoh= ❤

No, I am not done with High School Debut unfortunately, but I am done with most of the manga chapters so far to make a pretty fair review… I think? Anyways, thanks to my friend Sarah Kim, I am able to read this manga and find it very… entertaining! Thank you for the recommendation Sarah ❤ I love you.

Basically, Haruna Nagashima is an excellent softball player in middle school and when she finally enters high school, she wants to find a boyfriend! Except… she’s plain, stronger than most of the guys around her, and horribly awkward when it comes to choosing clothes and such. Luckily, she convinces this hot upper-classman name Yoh Komiyama to become her coach to help her be more attractive. From this summary alone, most of you already saw this coming- she falls in love with her coach Yoh. But that’s not the beauty of it- most of the story centers around what happens after the “get together”.

Why do I love this manga? The reason is obvious. Yoh/Haruna has become one of my favorite couples of all time. I usually hate the two main leads getting together or canon couples. But in this case, it is the complete opposite of it. I adore these two together and no one else with either of them! They are perfect and cute together. Yoh/Haruna reminds me of Otani/Koizumi from Lovely Complex! The difference is I love Otani more than Yoh and I love Haruna more than Koizumi. But never mind that. It is rare for me to love the main pairing instead of a side pairing but both High School Debut and Lovely Complex have done this. Excellent!

The second reason why I love this manga is how awesome Haruna is. It’s rare to find a heroine like her nowadays. I am starting to detest the stereotypical heroine so when one comes along like Haruna, I love it! I am very critical when it comes to heroines too. ^.~ Haruna stands up there with both Haruhi’s, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. Why do I praise Haruna so much? Read the manga and find out for yourself. 😛

Another reason is the storyline is very light-hearted and deals with a lot of outrageous situations with common sense. You cannot help but cheer for Haruna for whatever she comes up with. And most of all, you can’t help but want her to be with Yoh forever and ever. Hahah. It’s funny actually. As for the side characters, they are pretty likable but they don’t come close to the main leads, which I think is well-done.

A lot of people complain about this and I will as well- the main flaw in High School Debut is how the characters seem to be afraid of the idea of sex or touching or kissing or whatever. That is very unrealistic. Most couples are not like that unless one of them is Mormon or w/e (joking!). But despite this flaw, it will get to the readers that hate any mention of sex. I find it unrealistic, but most people might appreciate it because loving someone does not always equal a passion, sexual relationship. I agree. But I think the relationships in this manga are so far at the other end that it’s not even funny. XD Unlike Nana. Hahah. Whatever. It’s a small flaw so please do read this manga if you have time. I’ll try to finish it in the future… ❤