To Sweet Heart Readers:

Chapter 45 is here! I did not expect this chapter to turn out so well. I have to work my brain to capture this chapter perfectly. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough. I can’t wait for the next chapters though! 🙂 Hopefully, no one will kill me because of the ending. >.<

Favorite Sweet Heart Character Vote (it’s so spread out; most of the votes are not official since I never ask anyone officially yet; all of them are unofficial XD) :

Theresa Alonso Chelsea- 2 votes

Kevin Ty Shiratori- 2 votes

Quinn Cecil Darington- 4 votes

Carey Ace Melton- 3 votes

Jamie Yuan- 6 votes

Francesco Michele Romano- 3 votes

Hien Thu Tran- 6 votes

Michie Ran Shiratori- 1 vote

Melissa Chin Shiratori- 2 votes

Claire Erin Levitsky- 2 votes