To Sweet Heart Readers:

Yes, I am done with Chapter 46 because it’s exciting. XD Hahaha. I like chapters with a lot of drama. I think I will get to Chapter 10/47 or 11/48 and stop. My fall semester is starting and I need to concentrate on it for a while. Sorries! I’ll try to get Chapter 11/48 or 12/49 done by next weekend or so… I hope…

The SH favorite character poll is to the side! Look to your left. Please vote. 🙂 I know a couple of people voted in their comments but I’ll like to see percentages. Check it out to your left in the widgets already. Hehe. And yes, I know the word ‘Vote’ keeps getting cut off… Gr.

As for the poll for Shipping, since I don’t want any spoilers for people who haven’t caught up, it is right here: Favorite SH Ship?  Please vote!


P.S. Gracie, I know this is a bit late but I had NO idea what S&M stands for so I looked it up……. How do you know these things?!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao.