Hiya Sweet Heart Readers,

I am so tired after Chapter 47. I don’t know if I have enough strength to continue and finish Chapter 11/48 before summer vacation ends even though that one is exciting and dramatic in my opinion! I haven’t really figure out if Chapter 48 or 49 is the climax. Once I am done with Chapter 11/48, I can tell by then. XD

Threesome! Joking... Hehe.

Threesome! Joking... Hehe.

Quick review on Aishiteruze Baby: There is not much to say about this anime. A lot of people will tell you that too because it lacks plot twists and cliffhangers and such. However, Aishiteruze Baby doesn’t need it! It is not meant to be dramatic I don’t think. Overall, the storyline is easy to follow and the pattern of each episode is pretty much the same. This does not make it a bad anime however! For people who enjoy easy, light anime with cute, warm, and humorous moments, this is definitely for you. It’s basically about Kippei, this player who has no sense of responsibility, who one day has the responsibility of Yuzuru, his five-year-old cousin, forced upon him. Because of his adventures with Yuzuru, Kippei eventually grows into a determined, responsible person. The storyline is pretty predictable right? But it’s the cuteness of Yuzuru’s character and the heartwarming interaction between her and Kippei which makes this anime great. 

Plus, Kokoro, Kippei’s main love interest, is one of the most incredible female side characters out there. You might not love her more than the adorable five-year-old Yuzuru, but she is definitely one of the reasons why I watch this anime. Kokoro is terrific. She reminds me of my own characters.  Overall, another slice of life anime that is easy to watch without too much stress. ^.^ I recommend it for those who are too critical on graphics. ;P Plus, the children’s voices are well-done!


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