To Code Geass fans:

I don’t know what to say. What a difficult episode for me. Maybe it’s because my annoying siblings were screaming/talking/fighting at the same time I was watching the episode. Maybe it’s because my moving in my apartment has been delayed for two days. Maybe it’s because I slept for 12 hours. Whatever the reason, I was utterly confused. But whatever, I got the most out of it.

Marianne... alive/memory/flashback?

Marianne... alive/memory/flashback?

SPOILERSSSS AHEADDDD>>>>>> My first thought: CC’s back. Thank you Marianne. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what CC will do from here on out with Marianne. Speaking of Marianne, the mother back to life trick is unbelievable. I mean sure I notice that Anya and Marianne has the same hairstyle and such but still, it’s not quite adjusting in my mind yet. I will leave my judgment on Marianne’s character until next episode.

My second thought: Suzaku is now Lelouch! They switch roles! Hurray! I like Suzaku a lot better this way- so dark and merciless. There might be a chance that Suzaku and Lelouch will join up at this point. That’ll be nice. Though, I am not too sure about that since Lelouch and his father Charles want to stay in that place for all eternity. And Gino- poor guy. Hahaha.

Third thought: Sunrise gave Schneizel excellent screentime in this episode. I love it! I am a big Schneizel fan! Now, judging from this episode alone, Schneizel has revealed his true nature- wanting the throne for himself by making his dad sound like a terrible Emperor. All of us saw it coming but he never said it himself. Anyways, at this point, he will either come out as the true villain or a good guy. Everything depends on the next episode!

Fourth thought: What happen to Anya? T_T I want to know if Anya is all right. >_< Hopefully, she’s fine and that she will be back to normal once Marianne leaves her. Oh. I guess Nunnally is really dead… along with Rollo. Sigh. I want to see the Marianne/Lelouch reunion. It’s going to be good- a real shocker. Muhahaha.

Fifth thought: Kallen had like NO screen time! Back when she was in prison, she was useless. She kicked ass for one episode. She showed how much she likes Lelouch for one episode. And… she’s gone again. Where is Kallen? How can they dare call Kallen a major character and treat her like this? >_< I hope she gets a bit of the action. Sigh. Oh, and i hate Ougi. Die already. ^.^

Sixth thought: Xingke and Kaguya were awesome. They did not believe that Lelouch/Zero died until they saw for themselves. They didn’t hold that meeting either. I am glad that at least two people have a brain around here. Stupid Black Knights… Kaguya, please don’t cry anymore. T.T Xingke/Kaguya/Kallen teamup for the win!

Seventh thought: Why does Milly have screen time in every episode?! Is it because she is a favorite among the fans or…?