Hiya Sweet Heart Readers:

SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE NOT PAST PART I>>> Remember that first climax back in Chapter 18 Part I? The second climax in Chapter 19 Part III pales slightly in comparison- I cannot tell if the Quinn/Theresa end date or the KTheresa bed scene is the climax. Yes, I know I fail. XD Now, because there is no Part IV, I cannot possibly make Chapter 15 or maybe 16 the climax can I? I have to place it somewhere else for it to peak and then fall down slowly into the resolution. Is the ending happy or sad? Right now, I’ll be mean and say neither. 😛 I have like 5 possible outcomes for the ending in my mind right now- all of which ends with the same pairings just with different scenarios. My goal is to choose the least cliche scenario (not shipping). Haha.

Anyways, if I play my cards right, this chapter is a better climax than Part I. Again, like in Part II, I can’t tell if it’s in this chapter or the next. Anyways, enjoy Chapter 48! As for the ending, half or more of my readers will hate me. It’s a shame I can’t satisfy everything. Sorries!