To Code Geass Fans:

SPOILERS AHEADDDDDDDDDDDD>>>>> My guess was that Anya was a maid in training or knight in training under Marianne. I was off but not too much. Anya is revealed to be an ordinary girl coming into the palace to take manner lessons every week and is the one who saw VV shooting Marianne to death. I don’t know about you guys but I saw the VV shooting Marianne thing coming. A lot of people tried to persuade me that it was CC. No way. XD However, I did not know Anya and Nunnally’s memories were altered by the Emperor. I did not see that coming. That and the traveling though hearts geass of Marianne’s. As if it’s not confirmed by now, Nunnally really is dead. No coming back to life. ='(

I have to say that this is my favorite episode by far. The CC episode 15 is my second favorite now. This whole episode is basically a philosophical debate between stopping time/lies/facades and moving time/wills. Marianne and Charles vs Lelouch and Suzaku basically. CC is in the middle. She used to believe in the royal couple but now, she met Lelouch and changed her views. That is why when the two vanished while CC was left behind. She did not believe in those ideas anymore.

Oh. More thoughts. Lelouch is totally awesome in this episode, like always. Suzaku is on Lelouch’s side now as Knight of Zero. That is epic. I don’t hate Suzaku so much anymore. ^^ CC doesn’t play too much of a role but at least we know she chose Lelouch in the end. All those people who hypothesized that she will die this episode is SO wrong. However, the people who hypothesized that Lelouch would get his second geass eye this episode is SO right. And at the end, when Lelouch becomes Emperor, I was like WOAH (same reaction as Rivalz). This show just got 10x better. Haha.

Now, I will love this show 20x more if Lelouch makes CC his queen or even Kaguya… that’s not going to happen though (Kaguya is more likely). 😛 Also, I want to see what the deal with Schneizel is. He’s a clever one that guy. I have one question regarding CC- the writers could  have easily deleted her along with Marianne and Charles but they kept her in the show anyway even though it seems like her plot is over- what is her role in all of this now? Anyways, this episode answered a lot of questions. I hope every episode after this will do the same. ^.^