To Sweet Heart Readers:

The arrival of Chapter 49! I don’t have much to say for this chapter except that I really hope I can wrap up everything within three chapters. Chances are the next three chapters will be longer than any of the previous ones, but who’s counting? 😛

There are three stories I am debating on writing after finishing up SH. Hopefully, you guys give me an idea which one I should start first. Maybe I should do two at the same time? They are…

Honey Pie

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Slice of Life/College Life

Summary: Honey is sweeter than sugar. This is a sugary story about four girls from the three males’ narration. Michie Shiratori is the main heroine and she represents spring because she has never been in a relationship before. However, she already knows who she loves- Gev Blunt- and most of her story revolves around helping the others overcome their problems. Charlotte Russell represents summer because she has been in numerous, unsuccessful relationships. Unlike Michie, she is still searching for the right man to come along and is willing to do whatever it takes to find the perfect boyfriend. Drew Torrealba represents fall because she is now married to her boyfriend Laeran Carter. Unlike the other two, she is mature when it comes to love but is trying to find happiness within her marriage. Cookie Yuan represents winter because she has been in love before with her deceased boyfriend Lorrie Cheng but is not willing to love again. Different from the others, Cookie’s search is toward the right career choice and a stable relationship with her brother Teddy Zee.

Characters: Michie, Charlotte, Teddy, Gev, Drew, Cookie, Jae, Laeran, Jenny

Comments: Basically, it’s a cute, romantic story that is lighter than Sweet Heart. The sequel. Around 50+ chapters

Spirits Before Time I

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Drama/Angst/Romance

Summary: Murderon is known for being a lustful, heartless tyrant who rules over the world of Philtopia. He himself makes all the decision regarding government and the people. He has hundreds of mistresses living under him. What is truly fearful about him is that there have been countless assassinations on his life but none has come close to succeeding. One day, a young woman name Juine attempts to kill the Emperor, only to lose a one-on-one match against Murderon- the closest anyone has gotten to murdering him. When Murderon is about to unmask her, she leaps off the balcony of his palace and into the ocean. Rescued by Kilik, the leader of a gang of outlaws, Juine works together with him on her second attempt on Murderon’s life. However, the price she must pay for his help is her virginity. A story on three antagonist-like characters, forbidden love, and a corrupted world.

Characters: Juine, Murderon, Kilik

Comments: A very dark story that takes place hundreds of years before other Spirits stories. Juine is Ada’s ancestor and Murderon is Xach’s ancestor. Around 20+ chapters.

Gorgeous Geek

Genre: School Life/Comedy/Drama/Romance/Slice of Life

Summary: Jin-Kyong Song or Jin for short has above average grades, handsome features, decent height, bright brown eyes, good sense of humor, and talkative personality. Both his teachers and close friends love him. How can someone so friendly and good-looking be girlfriend-less? Easy. He prefers anime girls over real girls, video games over dates, fantasy novels over movies, and his room over parties. In other words, Jin is a complete geek. But what will Jin do when he has live and take care of a… real girlfriend? Or will Jezebelle be the end of him?

Characters: Jin, Rin, Bo, Vance, Jezebelle (Fi)

Comments: For the most part, it’s comedy and with a slight touch of romance. In the same universe as SH. A portrait of a Korean geek. Around 40+ chapters

If you guys can’t decide, I’ll write all three. Give different days of the week for each. Wow. I need to be organized then! Haha. I’ll probably collabing with my friend Koala in the future. I love collabs! If I am still indecisive then, I will write a random Spirit story like… Finale! I love Xach ❤