To Sweet Heart Readers:

There are only two chapters left. I think I got this. I don’t need to extend it. 🙂 I hope not at least. Actually, make it three since I need to write the epilogue as well. The epilogue will be fun, fun. Anyways, here is Chapter 50. This is such an easy chapter to write, mainly because I liked the pacing and the resolution after such a climax episode. Relaxing chapters like this warms my heart.

Dr. Tenma= <3

Dr. Tenma= ❤

Let me make one thing clear: I AM NOT DONE WITH MONSTER EPISODES YET SO NO SPOILING IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE. However, I am over half so you can spoil me on the first half. That is perfectly fine. XD My review for Monster (the anime)!

First of all, let me put a quick summary just in case. Dr. Tenma is a genuis surgeon. One day, he makes a controversial decision to save a boy’s life over a mayor’s. This however turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life because it threatens everything important in his life like social standing and career at first. The real reason why it is the biggest mistake of his life is that later one, he realizes he has rescued a monster name Johann Liebert. Are all lives really of equal value?

Let me get this off my chest- ever since Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist, I haven’t watched an anime with this many deaths before. But it’s okay because Monster is really good. If you are a Death Note fan like myself, you will enjoy Monster immensely. It is similar… sort of. Anyways, the main reason why I like Monster is its realistic characters and plotline. Tenma is one of the most realistic characters I have seen in a long time. He makes decisions that a lot of us make every day in our lives. More than that, his character is always developing with every episode with him in it. It’s amazing. How can you not love Tenma?

The other characters are not bad either. I have to say that I like Johann as an antagonist a lot. He’s a very interesting and complex character. He is a worthy opponent. But is he himself really the bad guy in all this? Who knows. Another amazing character is Nina, his twin sister. She has a very strong personality. Even Dieter and the psychologists who help Tenma are awesome. More than that, the characters that appear for only 1-5 episodes are very well-written as well. I sympathized wtih many of them and was extremely sad when they died. One of the earliest characters to die was a journalist. He smoked and worked so hard that his wife left him but he promised Tenma that he would quit smoking and bring his wife back… only to be killed less than an hour later. You feel for those characters, even if they don’t have a lot of screen time.

The only disappointing thing I can say about this anime is that the plot can be slow at times but it’s still extremely addicting. You’ll find yourself watching 10 episodes a day. Also, I am a bit disappointed that I watched this after Death Note. If I watched this before Death Note, I would have loved it 10x more. However, I watched Death Note and this did not stand a chance when it came to twists and such so yeah. =/ As most of you can tell, Death Note is my favorite anime of all time and always will be (I think?).