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To Sweet Heart Readers:

1 more chapter left… I’m so excited! I don’t know if everyone will like the ending but it’s the one I planned for a while now. It’s not too dramatic but not too mellow if you know what I mean. I don’t know if you can call it sweet or sad either. Anyways, I’ll probably write both Honey Pie and Gorgeous Geek since one, most of my readers agree on those two, and two, I got most of the cast list and outline done for those two. I am still outlining Spirits Before Time. Ugh. That one is really dark so I have to try to get into the mood for that one. ^^;; I won’t rant about this anymore: Chapter 51.

This is a quick review since there is not much to say. First of all, I must warn all those who want to read this manga: it is SMUTTY. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll tell you. There will be sex scenes though it’s not Hentai… which means you won’t see private parts… ugh… I hate talking about these things! >//< Anyways, I am a fan of Mayu Shinju’s drawing style. I dislike most of her plots since they tend to be cliche and her characters are… okie at best. HOWEVER, this is the first time I’m really impressed with one of her works because ONE, her plot for this manga is original to me, and TWO, her characters are actually likeable! Yes, Kai/Satan is amazingly awesome/smexy! Haha. Basically, this is a love story between this girl, the guy she likes, and… SATAN. ^_^

This is a good read if you’re bored and want to read something for one whole day. I think it took me two days to read it? It’s not long at all. If you like this manga, I highly recommend Love Celeb. That is also a pretty decent manga. I don’t like the recent chapters/beginning chapters of it but the middle chapters are pretty good. Again, it’s smut so be warned! Thank goodness Mayu actually has a plot along with her smut..