To Sweet Heart Readers:

Okay. My outline is off. I can’t finish this story in one chapter. I’m sorry. Really really really sorry. There are too many things to cram in one chapter. I’ll try to finish it up by tomorrow! Hopefully! Again, I’m sorry!

To GL: How is your first week of Toy? OMG you’re a 10th grader!

To Apple: How are you and Barnett? Luckily for you, she reads for you. Oh. And is Bobby Victor back at NoHo? I heard news about that.

To Gracie: Do you know who and when is your first official match? I want to see you guys play. ^^;;

To Koala: Do I have to watch Clannad? T_T Just kidding. I’ll try watching past episode 1…

To Marissa: What grade are you in again? I forgot. XP Don’t hit me.

Chapter 52 done! It’s short. Chapter 53… is going to be long… I can see it already. >_<