To Sweet Heart Readers:

I know a lot of people have asked me how Part III would have been if it were in Jamie’s perspective. I told them that in return for not writing it in her POV, I’ll give her the last extra chapter. I believe a lot of people assumed she would look at the world through pure, innocent eyes. That’s Michie, not Jamie. You’ll be surprised at her POV. Extra Story III is here~

Also, if anyone is interested, I’ll probably take a week off after I write the last chapter/epilogue of SH and the first chapter of Gorgeous Geek and/or Honey Pie. I’m probably going to watch anime. Any recommendations? My plans so far are to finish watching Monster, sola, and Clannad. Then, I’ll probably jump to one of the serious on my to-do list. But if anyone have any suggestions, please say something. 🙂 It’s much appreciated.