To Code Geass Fans,

Kaguya!! T_T

Kaguya!! T_T

SPOILIERS>>>>>Out of everything in the episode, I was almost in tears when I saw this shot during the episode. It’s so heartbreaking to see Kaguya like this. She is the second most loyal to Zero and now, she has to shield her face from his Geass and cry at what he has done. I don’t know people but this brought this bitter taste to my mouth. I love Kaguya. I hope she survives until the end.

I hate how Nina has so much screen time in this episode. The director is working hard to make her likable again. She has died in my eyes a long time ago. I will continue to hate her as long as she is alive in this damn anime. As for Suzaku, I am neutral with him. It was nice to watch him kill three KoR, leaving Gino alive of course. Gino is such an underdeveloped character. He is brought in to talk to Kallen and hug Suzaku a few times? What the heck? He should have a bigger role. Oh, I know I’m a Gino/Kallen fan so I’m biased but I am very happy to see him and her in the preview. He will probably die for her though. >_> There is no way they can get together after she just parted with Lelouch right? That would totally destroy her character…

Oh. Sorry about random rants. Moving on, the episode was delightful to watch. I love Lelouch. He’s being a total asshole but with good intentions… again. That’s why I love Lelouch. He doesn’t have to act all heroic and crap for people to accept him. Like Dark Knight/Batman! Haha. Apparently, Suzaku has faith in Lelouch and they are working together with their plan of world domination. Lloyd and Cecile are on Lelouch’s side as well. This makes me really really really happy. Lloyd is my fourth favorite character? No, fifth right after Schneizel.

Oh boy. Nunnally! I mean… wow. Nice way to take the nicest, purest character in Code Geass and throw her in the opposing party. That’s why I love Clamp! They do have an effect on the storyline after all! Lmao. I am happy to see Sayako alive though. She’s an awesome character. Oh! And let’s not forget Orange. He got some screen time as well! I am glad he is loyal to Lelouch like always. Even if everybody isn’t…

As a CLuCLu fan, I have to say this. CC was sitting on a throne next to Lelouch. 😛 However, she’s not Empress because well, she’s wearing prison clothes not royal clothes. I don’t know even know what her role is anymore. Probably to take the Geass away from Lelouch at the end or something. I have no idea. Anyways, I think my ship as sank a long time ago. I guess it’ll be Lelouch alone or dead now. Oh well. It’s a mech anime. What did I expect?

One last note- Schneizel is awesome like always and Rivalz makes me laugh. I feel sorry that he got rejected by Lelouch though. Boo-Hoo… (yes I am a cruel person) Now, I will wait for the much anticipated battle Nunnally/Schneizel/Anya vs Lelouch/Lloyd/Suzaku. Muahahahah. 🙂