To Sweet Heart Readers:

The long journey is over. Sweet Heart is done. Finished. Epilogue is included in the second chapter. Let me warn you. The first chapter is long and kind of tedious. I am pretty sure that if in the future, when I rewrite Sweet Heart again, I’ll organize the last two chapters better. I feel that they were pretty rushed because I lost some motivation to finish. Chapter 53 and Chapter 54! Please continue to support Minnie by reading the sequel Honey Pie whenever I decide to write it. XD Hehe. Thanks everything! I couldn’t have done it without your support! Much <3. I’m going to write Gorgeous Geek Chapter I first and then see how much of Honey Pie outline I can get done. 😉 Gorgeous Geek’s outline/character list will be enormous. It’s a larger project than I first imagine… *grumble grumble*

As for mangas, I started reading quite a number of them (some of them due to recommendations). I’m reading Star Project Chiro, Venus Capriccio, Bokku ni Natta Watashi, Eyeshield 21, Vampire Knight, NANA, Ouran High School Host Club, Lovely Complex, and Bakuman. I know a lot of gender bending mangas. XD And a lot of them are reverse harems. Oh well. I like those. I dropped Full House Kiss because well, it was basically Fruits Basket in disguise and I love Fruits Basket 10x more (my favorite manga of all time). I’ll probably drop Bokku ni Natta Watashi in the future since it’s kind of Hana Kimi in disguise and yes, I am not a fan of that manga. I dropped/put it on hold because I don’t like it very much. XD Eyeshield 21 came to me as a surprise. I didn’t think it was so addicting to read about FOOTBALL! o_O Star Project Chiro and Ouran have crossdressing heroines… yay! NANA of course is my number one priority. 🙂 My second favorite manga now. Vampire Knight… meh… I sort of like and hate it but I’ll read it to the very end. I actually discuss about it with my close friend. Lovely Complex=humor. ^.^ Venus Cappricio=artwork. ❤ The main male reminds me of Yuki from Fruits Basket. As for Bakuman, I found out after reading the four chapters that it is written by the same writer as Death Note! And same artist too! That’s fantastic! Everyone should know by now my favorite anime of all time is Death Note… so I’m enjoying the storyline very much. It even references itself to Death Note! Now that is awesome. ^.~ I swear if I find out the writer has other mangas in store for us, I’ll hop that bandwagon no matter what the storyline is. I have very high respects for that writer. I wish I knew his real identity though. =/

That’s all for my rants. Please look forward to the first chapter of Gorgeous Geek. It’s a large project since besides the main 4 characters, I’ll have maybe hundreds of others (minor/background characters). ^.^