To Minnie’s Readers,

I am doing a lot of research and such for Gorgeous Geek at the moment. I should be able to write the first chapter by next week though! For those who haven’t finished Sweet Heart, please do! As for Luckless, there is no schedule for me to write it. Whenever I think of an idea for Luckless, I’ll write it. That’s all. Haha. So anyways, here is Chapter 2. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the new chapter of Ouran is odd? XP

On to Sola, I must say at first, I only watch Sola for one thing- the main heroine Matsuri because she is interesting, funny, and very quirky. However, after a couple of episodes, I find more reasons to continue watching this anime despite the slow start. One, the main hero Yorito is not too bad. He’s average but with an interesting quirk. That’s good to an extent. Two, the other characters are pretty likeable. I wouldn’t say they are unique or out of this world except for Matsuri but for minor characters, they are fun to watch and all have their own quirks. Though, all of the character types have been done before so don’t expect too much. Three, the music is amazing. I like it a lot. Very soothing and enjoyable to listen to. Four and most importantly, the dialogue. I must praise Sola for its dialogue. A lot of exchanges between the characters brought them to life. I even remember a certain dialogue between Aono and Koyori that really hit me. Best of all, Sola is a very short anime- 13 episodes? I like that! Haha. Anyways, if you don’t mind tragic endings, give Sola a try. 😛 It’s not the best anime out there and it’s not THAT unique but it’s a nice anime to watch for a quick try.