To Code Geass fans,

CluClu still lives~

CluClu still lives~

SPOILERS AHEAD>>>Like most people, my first reaction to the end of this episode is of course- Cornelia didn’t die did she? I mean she’s too badass of a female character to die like that. Sure, it proved how heartless Schneizel really is since he eliminated his own sister and all… but is that her final purpose? So icky! Speaking of Schneizel, I understand him now. Why would he want to be Emperor of Britannia when he can be… GOD?! Doesn’t God sound 10x cooler than Emperor? You evil bastard and your mask Schneizel. I love you ❤

During that battle between Schneizel and Lelouch, I was like “Wait a second… Schneizel has Gino, Anya, Kallen, Toudou, Chiba, Xingke, and… what does Lelouch have? Suzaku and Orange? Wow. Total wipeout much?” Then, Lelouch pressed that amazing button that can do everything and erupted at his opponents. That’s cool and so like Lelouch. But of course, Schneizel has a backup plan as well. I love the two brothers! Both very gray characters. Lelouch more though. 😉

CluClu moment! Enough said~ I want to see what CC will do with the pink Lancelot though. I know CC is a pretty decent Knightmare pilot but we’ll see. She probably won’t fight. Suzaku will. Instead, she will shield Lelouch since he can’t fight at all. XD

The preview is kind of scary because Kallen is out to kill Lelouch. Of course, most of us know Lelouch won’t die because of that but in the previous episodes, Kallen is usually the one who saves him in time. Who will it be now? Suzaku? CC? Orange? The possibilities are endless. I love to see how this turns out. What will become of the three- Lelouch, CC, and Kallen in the end? Suzaku probably won’t die but I think Gino will. Oh boy… and most importantly, Xingke will die… I hope he sees Tianzi before then though… and Kaguya must live! Gr! She must! As for Nunnally, she can die. I have no sympathy for her. Sure, she is manipulated but she should trust the brother by her side for eight years or so more than Schneizel even if he lies… If Suzaku can see through Lelouch’s lies, why can’t Nunnally?