Hiya Minnie’s Readers!

~From Caramel and JaeJoong <3

~From Caramel and JaeJoong ❤

Three more days and it’s my birthday! I can’t believe I already received $600 from various relatives and a car soon from my parents. I’m aiming for a red/green car but I might end up with a different color. Oh well. It’s okay! Another reason why I can’t wait for my birthday is because I’m going to an anime convention with my friends from my former high school. Hopefully, someone doesn’t forget to buy me white chocolate. *cough*

Anyways, a quick note about Chapter 1. Rin =/= Hien. I know it might seem like it at first but I can assure you they are not the same person. I never use a character personality twice. Nope, not once in all 200 characters I own. If there are 200 different personalities in the world, why can’t there be 200 different personalities in fiction? 😛 It’s possible. Haha. Also, I post up the new poll for GG. This time, I want to keep track of how people’s favorites change as the story goes on. It’ll be amusing to look back. If any of you guys want me to separate the Asian Gossip Girl option into three different ones, please let me know and I’ll change that. I don’t think it’s necessary though… 

I know everyone is waiting for Jezebelle. She’ll be here next chapter~ And I know this chapter is a tad long but hopefully, the rest of the chapters won’t. Thanks and I’ll stop ranting now. ❤