To Code Geass Fans:

A priceless CC smile... twice.

A priceless CC smile... twice.

Okay, okay, let me adjust myself for this episode. SPOILERS AHEAD>>> First of all, CluClu moment before Kallen interrupted and attacked. Man, I guess us CluClu fans deserve that since CC interrupted Kalulu back at that one episode when Lelouch asked Kallen to return to school with him. But yeah, I am happy to see that CC is talking and feeling more human like Kallen said. The conversation between Kallen and CC was awesome as well. I was kind of disappointed that Kallen did not hesitate to kill Lelouch, but expected since Lelouch is now a monster in her eyes. I hope Lelouch, Kallen, and CC all live through the next episode…

Suzaku and Lelouch tagteam was total pwnage. Take that FREIJA or however you spell it. I guess since Nina is on Lelouch’s side, I can’t hate her anymore. But meh, it’s fine. I’ll hate her for her rascist side only. That is enough to satisfy me. Oh, and Suzaku, you’re lucky. Because you are more loyal to Lelouch than anybody at this point, you are now on my good side. Haha. I laugh when Xingke actually though Lloyd/Cecile/Nina/Sayako were against Lelouch. 🙂

Diethard’s death was well-executed. He died exactly how I wanted him to. Dumb @#$*@#($@#). Hahaha. Though, I was disappointed that Toudou didn’t die. I wanted him to die! No offense to him or anything but really, must he eject and land into Chiba’s hands? GOD! Tamaki looked like he died but again, this is Code Geass and if Guilford was brought back alive, so Tamaki probably survived somehow. Still, I like Lelouch’s pwnage of Schneizel and Kanon. Awesome. One more thing- Cornelia is alive! Yay! Guilford should have stayed dead though…

Things I want to see next episode: Suzaku vs Kallen battling to the end, Lelouch convincing Nunnally that he is right and Schneizel is wrong, Anya vs Orange battling to the end as well, CC surviving, Cornelia and Guilford hooking up, Villeta giving birth to a child (hopefully a girl!), and Rivalz and Milly hooking up as well.


P.S. If I finish my chapter by today, I’ll edit this post. ❤