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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

My outline is slightly off. Chapter 3 was so long that I had to split it into Chapter 3 and 4. I will hurry and finish Chapter 4 for those who want the resolution to the second day of Wilson high school. Relax though, because I think I will get used to this by Chapter 5. Anyways Chapter 3! Please read and comment! 🙂

One last thing before I end this post. Here is an animated pic of how Kaguya should be, not how she is now in Code Geass R2:

Remember this Kaguya? What happen?!

Remember this Kaguya? What happen?!

I rest my case. Bring Kaguya and Kallen back to how they were in the first season of Code Geass please… Is it too late to ask since there is only one episode left? ^^;;

Review for Vampire Knight Chapter 43: I like this chapter a lot because I get to see my love Shiki carrying Rima. ❤ That is the highlight of the chapter, believe it or not because my OTP is Shiki/Rima. However, I must say, I like the whole Zero and Yuuki confrontation and such. They are about to battle each other. T_T How sad. I want them to make up, not kill each other! Oh well. At least the evil guy is down… And wow, Kaname is being Kaname like always. Truly, he’s a work of art as a character but I just can’t get myself to love him. Though from a writer’s POV, I should. ^^;; How odd! Haha, that’s all.