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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

Much to popular demand, I’ll put a shipping poll up, similar to that of Sweet Heart. Although I am not 100% sure of the ending pairings, I’ll simply pair characters who have any interaction together in the poll to make it fair for everybody. Anyways, sorry it took so long to put up Chapter 4! I’ve been playing “The World Ends With You”. As for those of you who are curious where that DS lite was, it was under the sink in one of my bathrooms… Anyways, please vote and maybe in this story, your vote actually matters. XD As for SH, it was a coincidence (or is it) that the pairings with the highest number of votes actually were the ending pairings. Crazy huh?

One of my readers have been asking me how short Jezebelle’s skirt is. Due to me owning an incredulous amount of CC/Lelouch or CC and Lelouch separately in pictures, I found this picture of CC that has Jezebelle’s usual outfit. The only exception is that the top would be red instead of black:

Yes, the skirt is that short...

Yes, Jezebelle's skirt is that short...

 Jezebelle also wears a hat most of the time. She has a large hat collection. Man, I swear, if someone can draw me a Jezebelle/Jin picture, I’ll love that person forever. More so, if it’s a picture of Jezebelle abusing Jin… yes, I’m a cruel person. XD I love my characters though! Haha.