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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

Thank you for all the support thus far. I can actually see a clearer direction where this story is going. Chapter 5 is the last setup chapter for what is about to come. This story can have as few as 30 chapters to as many as 60 chapters right now. I’m hoping for 40 but who knows? It depends on a lot of factors actually. So, please read and comment like always~

To Code Geass Fans:

Will the CluClu Ship Sink or Stay Afloat?

Will the CluClu Ship Sink or Stay Afloat?

By tomorrow, I will know the answer to my question: Will the CluClu Ship Sink or Stay Afloat? Then, I’ll go back to this post and laugh, either out of happiness or bitterness. Anyways, I will take time to say that I’ve been a CluClu fan since the episode CC appeared in Lelouch’s house for the first time. Episode 3 or 5? Anyways, I haven’t been this passionate about a pairing since Sheelos from Tales of Symphonia and Serra/Erk from Fire Emblem. I might be wrong but yeah…

Since we are one episode away from the Finale, I will take time to say that whether the ship sinks or not, I will support CluClu no matter what. If CluClu sinks, I will return to fanfiction and write about it because yes, I am that obsessed since I have about 400 pictures of CluClu together or apart. But if CluClu floats, I’ll celebrate in my mind and at my forum. I don’t know if I want to write fanfiction then but maybe, just maybe I will give it a chance. But yes, my point is that whatever happens, good luck to both CluClu and Kalulu fans. Hopefully, one of us wins and not leave it an ambiguous ending that satisfies both sides or neither. ^.^

Minnie’s List of Important CluClu moments:

1) The first time they met when Kallen drove that capsule around

2) When CC turns up at Lelouch’s house

3) The snow conversation

4) The cave incident where CC reveals her real name to Lelouch

5) The Mao situation in those three episodes

6) The scene where CC comforts Lelouch after he goes emo

7) Lelouch’s comment to Kaguya about making a pact with the devil, which is directed at CC

8 ) The Witch/Warlock dialogue

9) The first and second kiss (hopefully not last!)

10) When Lelouch reconsiders Tianze’s arranged marriage to a Japanese thanks to CC

11) When CC sneaks to Ashford and Lelouch pushes her into tomatoes (maybe not THAT important)

12) Episode 15: CC’s past is revealed

13) Moe CC and Lelouch

14) Lelouch and CC comforting scene after Nunnally’s revival

15) When CC comes back for the shield and Lelouch says “CC” in such a warm voice…

16) Whatever happens in Code Geass R2 Episode 25

I probably missed a couple but meh, I’m waiting for that last, hopefully happy episode. 🙂