To Code Geass Fans:

Like always, CC gets the last word...

Like always, CC gets the last word...

To save everybody from SPOILERS, I will hide the rest of my post…

My thoughts? Open ending. Why did they do that? To satisfy all shippers and all fans. However, I think it backfired somewhat. If they want to satisfy either Kalulu or CluClu, they would have allowed him to speak his last words to them. But in this case, he spoke his last words to Nunnally. Yup, Lelouch, you are a Siscon to the end. Should I be proud of you? I don’t know anymore. The reason it backfired is that now instead of satisfying both ends, both sides want to murder Sunrise and Taniguchi. XD

Here is how they satisfy both sides: Kalulu with Kallen having pictures of Lelouch all over his room. CluClu with CC talking to Lelouch in the last scene and hinting at the cart driver as Lelouch. CC seems way too happy in that scene to think that the cart driver is NOT Lelouch. However, all of us saw Lelouch die right? Then wth is with that last scene? My thoughts: Sunrise trying to satisfy everyone. CC might be with Lelouch but there is no guarantee. Guess what? They also try to satisfy the Gino/Kallen fans by having him catch her and be next to her in the wedding photo. Good job Sunrise. Oh one more! They satisfy Lelouch/Shirley fans too because she is the only one to make him blush in the entire series! There you go. Everyone is satisfied now! Not. There better be OVA’s because this is too open for my taste.

However, there are some highlights of the episode: Ougi and Viletta got married eventually, Anya and Orange scene where he uses his Geass Cancellor on her, Orange and his oranges, Nunnally crying when Lelouch die, and Suzaku being Zero in the end. I thought it was Sayako for a second there! That was hilarious. The last scene really touched me. I think CC and Lelouch can talk to each other to the ends of time since CC can talk to the dead like with Marianne. That’s really touching to me. I mean it must be so because she said that Lelouch is not alone, which implies that she is with him forever. Aww cuteness. Though, as a CluClu shipper, I wanted them to run away together in isolation! Grrr.

I guess the director left it open for us to make our own ending. My ending? Lelouch is in the World of C and he can talk to CC for all eternity. She can go in that world to visit him anytime she wants. Either that or Lelouch is the cart driver and he and CC can travel the countryside together. Lelouch didn’t die because he got a backup plan like always. Yeah, that’s my ending. Don’t try to change it people. 😉

Last note: I cried a lot when Lelouch died or maybe died. It was a beautiful scene with Nunnally, Suzaku, and everything. Bye bye Lelouch. You will be my favorite character for now and maybe forever ~