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To Minnie’s Readers:

The winning fanart of my favorite character~ Shiki <3

The winning fanart of my favorite character~ Shiki ❤

Okies, guys, I have finally finished The World Ends With You… first round. I am planning to do all the extras and such after I am done with everything else on my agenda first. My overall impression of the game? Square Enix did it again. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and now, TWEWY. All masterpieces. I love the characters and the storyline. The gameplay is probably the most interesting of all. I have a few complaints about the ending but I won’t spoil it…

I must say that even though I am not the best at this game, I did pretty well for Normal Mode. Easy mode must be a piece of cake then. Anyways, Neku and his partners make up an awesome battlesystem. I am better at the stylus than the buttons obviously, but I can’t help but try to improve my left hand with every new battle. Nevertheless, I must say the game, thanks to the battle system especially, makes it hard to stop playing. Very addicting. I could have finished the game in 3 days? But due to writing and other stuff…

Anyhoo, I found a couple of shocking plot twists in the storyline which are always fun, especially the Beat and Shiki ones. The Joshua one? I sort of expected that. It was obvious to me at least. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, which I hear are answered later through reportts. I’m very curious about Mr. H most of all so I’ll see. And of course for those of you who know me very well, I most likely have a shipping for any game/anime. This one is to be expected I think: I’m a SHIKU supporter aka Shiki/Neku shipper because they are so cute together and away from each other. The other two het couples I support is Sorta and Nao- they are so loveable together- and Uzuki/Kariya. Actually, Uzuki/Kariya is my second favorite after Shiku because come on, opposites attract. And if I have to go for yaoi, Joshua/Neku and Oiji/Makoto of course and for yuri, Eri/Shiki and Mini/Ai, though I don’t care for those as much. So dare to argue with me about my OTP? Face my wrath! Joking.

Last note: Favorite character? Shiki of course, followed by Joshua. I can say they are almost equal in how much I like both of them. However, Shiki’s a girl so she goes up a notch. Plus, when I saw her almost appearance at the end of the game, my love for her went up. She’s not pretty. She’s ordinary. I like that. ^^

Overall Rating: 10/10