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To Macross Frontier Fans:
Sheryl and Ranka~

Sheryl and Ranka~

Okies. I’ll make this extremely clear before I go on the real review for this anime: If there is a SINGLE reason why you should watch Macross Frontier, it is for…

Sheryl Nome <3
Sheryl Nome ❤


There is a reason why in almost every online poll for Macross Frontier, Sheryl gets the number one vote. It is simply because she’a amazing.  Sheryl is beautiful, sexy, strong, determined, and hilarious. Most importantly, she has major character development. You may not like her for the first couple of episodes but 5 and on, she’s almost everybody’s favorite. Alto/Sheryl is my OTP but I don’t mind Alto/Ranka either. However, I hate Ranka/Alto/Sheryl as a threesome. No. Way. In. Hell. 

Anyways, moving on from Sheryl, the best Macross character of all time, the music is fabulous in this anime. The plot is decent. The plot twists didn’t catch me much off guard. Pretty much expected and build up. Alto as the main lead is okay as well. I don’t love him but he’s all right. I like him enough. However, I guess most of the spark comes from the growth of the two girls- Ranka and Sheryl. Ranka and Sheryl are both loved by girls and boys of different ages. They are both Alto’s love interest so most likely, if you love Ranka more than Sheryl (WHY WOULD YOU?!), you like her with Alto and vice versa. The action scenes and the graphics were lovely as well. I don’t usually watch mech anime but I enjoy the fights a lot.

There is one major complaint that I know 80% of all Macross Frontier watchers have- What’s up with the ending? I don’t get it! Everything was awesome up to like the last 4 minutes or so? Why is the ending so happy? Why didn’t anyone die? Why didn’t Alto choose Sheryl in front of Ranka since it’s so obvious for the past two episodes? Are they doing this just for this movie coming out 2009/2010? WHAT BS!!!! I want my Alto/Sheryl ending that’s been brought up since the past two episodes! I guess there’s one thing I’m happy about… that Sheryl’s illness is cured… but still! GRRRRR STUPID ALTO MAKE UP YOUR MIND! STUPID DIRECTOR! TROLL US ALL! How can a show revolve around a love triangle and leave it unresolved?!

Calm down Minnie. Anyways, besides the crappy ending, everything is superb, especially the music and action. I like the majority of the characters with Sheryl leading by a large margin, with Klan Klan, Michel (T_T), Ranka, and Alto right after. And to all the Ranka haters: Don’t hate on her. Move all that hatred to Grace and Leon instead! In conclusion, must watch for those who enjoy romance+mech. Just don’t try hard not to explode due to the ending…