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Nanami and Yano Kiss~

Nanami and Yano Kiss~

Before I start the actual review, I have to say that my opinion may be very biased when it comes to this anime, Bokura ga Ita. Excluding graphics, this has to be one of the best animes I have ever watched because I, myself, can relate to it. I’ve been in a couple of relationships before and everything in this anime (except for the dead girlfriend in a car accident part) have happened to me before so I can totally sympathize everything these two have been through from start to finish…

I don’t think there have been many animes that made me cry at all. However, this anime, like Kanon, succeeded for half of the episodes. Like I said before, I don’t think people who haven’t been in relationships before can understand this anime to its fullest. It can be seen as boring or too normal. I beg to differ though. Although the characters are very normal and the plotline is very normal as well, I don’t think the point of this anime is to emphasize on those factors. Instead, it shows the hardships- the ups and downs of being in a relationship, which I believe it has done too well. Everything that happens in this anime really do happen in real life with two people in a relationship. That’s why I think this anime is simply beautiful.

Besides the relationship part, the only really downside to this anime is its graphics. The graphics can be annoying to watch at first because it’s not too beautiful. Actually, half the time, you can only see one of the characters’ eyes. It’s so odd yet if you are so engrossed in the storyline like I am, you tend to ignore this. For those of you who watched Lovely Complex, you may find the graphics very similar. I recommend watching Lovely Complex before this to get fully appreciate its storyline.

As for the characters, I must say that if they stand by themselves, they are not too unique. Nanami is a very normal girl and Yano, in my opinion, is a very normal guy. They act exactly how people act in relationships. Being selfish. Being clingy. Being jealous. Being overly emotional. Everything about the downsides of relationships have been portrayed correctly in this anime. The magic about these characters are that they are so normal that they are like us. They are not some amazing people who can climb montains, kill monsters with a sword, or even cook the greatest food in the world. Their interactions are very realistic and their characters are very realistic. Nanami acted exaclty like me in a relationship- screaming ‘I love you’ in my head but is too stubborn to say it out loud. My ex acted like Yano and my other ex acted like Take (the third character in this story). That is why I love all the characters in this story. I can totally relate to them.

The storyline is full of drama! That’s a warning! If you love Nana, you’ll love this. If you hate Nana, don’t you dare watch this! It’s like Nana without sex! Joking. But seriously, it’s an anime fill with drama so if you want to stay away from that genre, stay away from this. However, for people who have been in relationships before and can take it like me, watch it. It will remind you the ups and downs of being in a relationship.

And for those who are wondering whether I cheered for Take or Yano, I cheered for both actually. Yano was like the ex that I ever loved in my life. Take was like the ex that loved me but I had a hard time returning his feelings no matter how much better he was than the Yano ex.  So why did I cheer for both? When I look back at my own relationships, I realized that I would have been a lot more content with Take, the boy who loved me instead of the other way around. However, I’m a girl and I’m stubborn. Even if there’s a 5% of getting back together with the Yano ex, I would do it even if it brought more hardships/pain than with the Take one. But that is my decision right? So in conclusion, my advice is that: if you choose love, you have to take the pain that comes with it or in this case, Yano. If you don’t choose love, you will have a lot less pain but will you be fully content with a guy loving you without you loving him back? Or in this case, Take. There’s no right or wrong answer. It depends on the girl. And for this anime, she went with the Yano one. I would have done the same myself because what can I say? I’m 100% Nana-chan in this case. ^.^

In conclusion, awesome anime- an emotional storyline, normal characters, and amazing narrating. However, watch out for the not-so-pretty graphics! 9/10 for myanimelist.com. -1 for the graphics.