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To Minnie’s Readers:

Ren has made his appearance!

Ren has made his appearance!

From now on, I’ll probably take the screen shots by myself. For the past few posts on this blog as well as OMG Anime, I’ve been taking the screen shots and it’s been very rewarding at the very least. I must say that I like the 2nd episode of Skip Beat a LOT more than the first one. I still hate Shou and still supporting Kyoko for those who are wondering. Revenge is always fun. The appearance of Lory makes me happy too. Anyhoo, this is quite a funny episode so be sure to watch it! I’ll have Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 2 Review as soon as the fan subs upload it. It’ll probably be here by tomorrow or so I hope. Kuroshitsuji Episode 2 subbed should come out soon as well! Anyways, back to Skip Beat…

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