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To Minnie’s Readers:

After watching one or more episodes from each of the anime show I’m blogging for OMG Anime, I’ve come up with an overall list along with an overall rating and anticipation rating so far. These may change as time go on but as of now, they stand as such.

1) Tales of the Abyss: All three episodes so far does not disappoint. Even though some people argue that this anime is best for those who play and finish the PS2 game, I think for those who haven’t played the game, it is a perfectly amazing anime to watch. It helps a lot when I love all 3 main male characters. To add to that, it has an incredible plot later on with a lot of twists and turns. Oh yeah, add battle scenes too! By far, it is my top priority and my highest rated anime this fall. Overall: 10/10, Anticipation: 10/10

2) Hakushaku to Yousei: The first episode is the first one of the fall season and the next episode will come next week. A lot of people are calling this the ‘sleeper’ of the season or are uncertain due to the context of “fairies”. To me, at least, I disagree. This is the second best anime to watch thus far. At first, I didn’t want to watch it because of the fairy thing too but once I gave it a chance, I loved the first episode. The graphics, the OP, the VA’s, the character designs, the main heroine and hero, the setting of 19th century England, and so much more make this a worthy watch.  Overall: 10/10, Anticipation: 10/10

3) Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: Believe me. This placement surprise me more than anyone else. This is one of those anime shows where you’re uncertain how it will turn out because the plot sounds extremely cliche. However, what bought me over so far isn’t the plot- it’s the cast of interesting characters, funny interactions, superb graphics, and extraodinary VA’s. You know this is an anime I will definitely enjoy when my top 3 favorite characters are all girls. If you don’t mind the plot, this is a nice anime to watch. Overall: 9/10, Anticipation: 8/10

4) Skip Beat!: Everyone knows the manga right? This is the anime we’re talking about. For someone who hasn’t read the manga, I pick this anime out of curiosity because I’ve heard nice things about it. So far, it doesn’t disappoint at all. The main heroine Kyoko I must say has been such a delight ot watch. If you guys know me, I usually rate an anime very high if at least the heroine is likeable (for example: Macross Frontier; I love you Sheryl!) so I definitely look forward to this anime. It’s also comedy which is awesome. Overall: 8/10, Anticipation: 9/10

From here on, it’s really hard to rate because they are so close in overall ratings and anticipation. The rest of animes I’m watching include: Toradora, Nodame Cantabile Paris, Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight Guilty, and Hyakko. All of them are pretty side by side when it comes to rating. I think the lowest one might be Vampire Knight Guilty, which is ironically the most popular anime this season second to only Clannad: After Story (I think?). Anyways, for Skip Beat and Hakushaku to Yousei at least, I will make sure to leave my own review on my blog. The rest will be at OMG Anime.