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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

When I think of strawberries....

When I think of strawberries....

“Everyone says I don’t have any weaknesses. I am perfect. A mastermind. I am capable of anything and everything. That is far from the truth however. I have one ultimate weakness. I have a serious obsession that I don’t want anyone to know about. An obsession that haunts me day and night, every minute of the day.”

“When people tell me my hair is pink, I tell them it’s ‘strawberry rose’. When people ask me why I wear a red robe at home, I tell them I like ‘ripe colors’. It’s embarassing really. The truth is the future ruler of the world, the leader of the Royal Nine, the descendent of the greatest villain to ever live, and the only Half-Demon of his kind is in love with a fruit.”

“I live in a mansion with my man servant Toma, who is really Number One or a woman in disguise. When I have done something out of control, Toma always knows how to punish me. All he has to do is wash the laundry in front of me, leaving his shiny red hair down and glancing at me with his leafy green eyes.”

“Sometimes, I wonder, do I keep Toma around because he reminds me of strawberries? Or do I love strawberries because they remind me of Toma?”

 -Quoted from Finale

My little sister’s birthday was on the 11th and I got her Nintendo Dogs in which she named her husky “Rosy”. It’s so cute to hear her say “Rosy” all day along, teaching her dog how to sit and lay down. Her favorite character from New Era isn’t even Rosy, it’s Padma! I asked her who her favorite pairing from the Spirits series was and she said “Xach and Number One”! I still don’t have the heart to tell her that Number One dies before the story ends, betraying Number Zero for her Master Xach…

Anyways, the reason for the excerpt is that I realize after writing this chapter that Jezebelle is very similar to Number One! Tana/Toma/Number One is like a really odd mix between Jezebelle and Jamie from Sweet Heart. Tana is calm, collected, and rarely smiles like Jamie, but she is also cruel, merciless, and likes torture like Jezebelle. Actually, she likes to draw skulls like Theresa too. Actually, forget it. It’s too hard to think that any of my character is similar to any other. I simply have 100+ different characters. Oh boy… 

Anyways, unlike Jamie and Jezebelle who I believe are very easy to draw, Tana is probably one of the hardest to draw. Xach describes her as the epitome of beauty when she’s Toma but nothing but a plain girl when she’s Tana. I guess the in-between is Number One, a title and identity with no gender attached.

Sorry for the rant- Chapter 9. Thanks guys!