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To Minnie’s Readers:

Lydia Carlton is my new love~!

Lydia Carlton from Hakushaku is my new love~

If you have MSN messenger like Koala Bear, you’ll probably hear me fangirling over my new favorite anime female character Lydia Carlton, right after Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. There are a lot of reasons I love her- her character design and her personality especially. However, after talking to Koala Bear, I realize something. The reason why I love Lydia so much is because she’s basically a less sophisticated, high class version of Ada Xieng from Spirits 1, my own fiction! For those of you who don’t know, Ada has green eyes, very much similar to Lydia, and dark pink hair. So instead of caramel-color hair like Lydia’s, Ada has dark pink but that’s only one of the few differences. Ada’s bangs are symmetrical while Lydia’s bags are over to her left when staring at her. As for personality, they have the same type of spunk and same dismissal of flirtation. But what I like is that most of Lydia’s spunky expressions like the one above are the same as Ada. Now, if only someone will photoshop Lydia’s hair color to be pink Lmao…

Anyways, I am taking a short break (again) from Gorgeous Geek because I need to reorganize a couple of my thoughts for Rin since right now, it’s like a four-way war between wanting her with Vance, Bo, Kristian, or Jin (though not as much as the other 3). Although I have thought up the Jin and Jezebelle ending, I haven’t given as much thought to how to end Rin’s story. Thanks to a certain pairing debate yesterday, I question if it’s a good idea to have Rin together with ANYBODY at this rate. Still, I’m pretty sure I know where to go so yeah.

Since I am taking a break, I’m watching anime and typing up one-shots. For those of you who read my stuff in high school, remember that one time I got bored of typing chapters and typed like 6 one-shots in a row instead? I’m doing it again. The first one-shot is a bit of interaction between Duke Susan and James Law, which a friend of mine asked for a while ago. In actuality of the series, Duke and James only talk in Chapter 2 of Spirits Change of Decade before not talking again until the end of Part II so it was interesting for me at least to write an exchange between them. Here it is: Dancing with the Law.

As for my future one-shots, I can pretty much do anybody from any of my stories I have written thus far. If you guys want a one-shot about a certain someone or pairing and I find it plausible to type about, I’m more than willing to do it. I’m not willing to do AU’s (I like keeping them in their setting), smut (I don’t think I can write lemon), cross pairings (one char from one story and one from another), slash (I can write interactions but nothing explicit) and Gorgeous Geek (too new). Someone has already asked me to write another Xach/Number One so I’ll write that next I guess. Don’t be shy and ask. XD