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To Minnie’s Readers:

I should stop collecting Shiki's screen shots...

I should stop collecting Shiki's screen shots...

Episode 3 is my favorite Vampire Knight Guilty episode so far because it has a lot of Shiki and Aidou, two of my favorite characters alongside the Chairman and Ichijou. 🙂 I want more humor in VK like this episode but oh well. Anyways, for the real review, continue to read the rest of this entry here…

It’s been like more than a year since I updated Spirits New Era? Anyways, because of the New Era Shipping Parody a few entries back, I got enough motivation to finish Chapter 58. I was done with Chapter 57 for a long time but I was only 20% done with Chapter 58. The reason why I stopped writing New Era was because I actually skipped Chapter 58 and wrote almost all of Chapter 59, which is one of my favorite chapters of all time because it’s Black-centric. However, due to my destroyed laptop, Chapter 59 is lost forever. It was one of the best chapters I wrote in a long time so I hope it’s understandable that I stopped writing New Era because of it. Still, I guess it’s not a good enough excuse huh?

Here are Chapter 57 and Chapter 58. I don’t know if I want to write Chapter 59 at this point because the Locke and Black relationship is very reminiscent of the Jin and Jezebelle relationship. Despite them being different characters, there are a lot of similarity in the relationships. Maybe if I feel like it, I will write Chapter 59 for New Era. I am still afraid that Black might sound too much like Jezebelle since I haven’t written Black in a LONG time and I have written Jezebelle a week or so ago. Chances are I will update Chapter 10 of GG and maybe Chapter 59 later. Let’s see okay? It is kind of hard when I am watching 10 current and 2 old animes while blogging 9 of them… Wish me luck nevertheless! Thanks again guys!