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To Minnie’s Readers:

Minnie's Current Obsession~

Minnie's Current Obsession~

Chapter 10 took a long time to finish because I decided to take a break on Gorgeous Geek to write one-shots, catch up on my anime watching, take care of school work, finish writing chapters to other stories, and finish a couple of house chores. There’s not a lot to say except that I’ll try to finish Chapter 11 by next weekend. These chapters usually take me 3-4 days to finish so bear with me.

Anyways, Marissa, since you asked me for my favorites, here are my recommendations AKA what you should read and watch ASAP:

Anime (Note-all 5 animes here got a 10/10 from me for myanimelist.net):

1) Death Note (After watching Death Note, my standards for every other anime have been very high… it doesn’t help that I have a ton of Death Note merchandise at home)

2) Monster (Monster is close to Death Note- better characters but the plot didn’t appeal to me as much)

3) Full Metal Alchemist (What’s with the dark animes? Anyways, it’s like the above two except less addicting)

4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (This one is actually comedy. One name- Haruhi Suzumiya)

5) Code Geass (Because of Code Geass, I’m more into mech shows now. It helps a lot when my favorite character of all time comes from this anime)

Manga (These also got 10/10 from me on myanimelist.net):

1) Fruits Basket (Fruit Basket is what introduce me to the manga world. I will never forget this manga. Plus, Marissa, lots of bishies!)

2) NANA (Nana is just one roller coaster ride, full of drama. The best part is that the drama is very dark and more realistic than most mangas)

3) Bokura ga Ita (This is where the pic above comes from. Even though I watched Bokura ga Ita first, I wouldn’t recommend it because the manga goes much further than where the anime ended. This is probably the only manga I ever read where I cry so much… Why do I recommend it so much? Because it actually shows the REAL side of being in relationships and since I’ve been there…)

4) Eyeshield 21 (Sports manga! Eyeshield 21 is better than the other sports manga I read and I like most of the characters so I highly recommend it)

5) Death Note/Bakuman (Same writer/artist collab for both! They are both awesome. Enough said.)